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  • Gandersnitch the Goblin (n): A reformed hob-goblin whose license to commit barbarism has been revoked. Banished from the Goblin Lands, he can often be found at those special places where mortals and fairies mingle. There he plies his wares, tells his tales, and does his best to help keep the realm enchanted.

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Festival of Legends Recap

Hello faeries, fiends, and friends of all formations.

This past weekend was my first excursion back into the Mortal Realms since a one night appearance at Faeriecon last November. This time, I popped out in Chapel Hill, NC at the Festival of Legends. I had an absolutely amazing time, though it did get a wee bit soggy on Sunday. My socks are still not dry.

And I learned a few things about myself, and those around me, that I shall now endeavor to share with you.

First, I positively suck at blogging. I had been overly idealistic in aiming to make three posts a week. I fear that such a goal is simply a fool’s errand at this juncture. While it would be pleasant to visit with you all three times a week and share my anecdotes and musings, I find myself without much time in your mortal frame of mind as other concerns bear down on my presence and force me to flee back into Faerie. Unfortunately, I don’t know any knockers that have figured out the trick to reliable internet access in the Faerie Realm, and thus I must simply be content to post when I present and able. I hope it will not be too much of an imposition upon your patience to keep you waiting on my irregular and erratic lifestyle.

The next thing I learned, is that the wind in your realm seems to have a particular dislike for goblins. My dear friend from The Goblin Bazaar had her tent ripped from the ground and tossed in the trees. Still, she got crafty, as goblins are apt to do, and setup in the back of her caravan to complete the event with her fabulous wares no worse for the wear. My own sturdy cart was tossed backwards once, and survived admirably (with the help of many mortals who rushed to aid me) though my beautiful rainbow colored umbrella was sadly destroyed in the accident. I must talk to the Queen of the Faeries and see what she can do about this mischievous wind. No doubt it will involve some grueling quest on my part. Joy.

I also learned, that while Goblins are mostly water-proof, the clothing allowed to me by the Faerie courts during my time of penance is not. I was soaked through and through by the end of the day Sunday, but that did not stop me from rocking out to the delightful music of Frenchy and the Punk. One can simply not help but drop everything and dance with gleeful abandon when they are playing. Though I must remember that I am not as young a goblin as I might believe myself to be… I have truly paid the price today for such energetic leaping about in the rain. Which reminds me, I really need to get some rain gear.

I also learned that Jenna Green has a new drummer, with very good taste in Chinese food. He clearly knows the difference between a banana and a plantain, so don’t try to pull a fast one on him. And of course their music is excellent as well. I was afraid it would be a bit ‘airy fairy’ for my personal goblin tastes, since she is clearly a skilled harpist. Though I now see it would be excellent music for romancing a wood nymph, and plan to try just such a trick at the first chance I get.

I learned that my past is a bit darker than I had realized, but more on that later. Also that my dear friend Jeremiah Wiggins is most skilled in water magic (not skilled enough to drive off the rain, sadly), and that blue haired girls seem rather sad, though this one had a great voice. If you see her about, give her a hug and buy one of her CD’s.

Oh yes! And not all Kender are thieves!

Wait… Where did my wallet go?

Hey! Come back here, you two!

Dangit! Talk to you later. Gotta run. Boy those little buggers are fast…

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